Joe Montana

By: Tommy
Sometimes when you watch old- time cartoons you’ll see a picture of all the little people running around panicking as if the world was about to end. Then in the midst of all the chaos you see the superhero standing there with his side-kick fighting off the evil that caused the rampage. Well this panic was a 1989 San Francisco 49ers team in a super bowl against the Cincinnati Bengals. The 49ers were down by three points with 3:20 left in the game. The team and the fans saw another blown Super Bowl in their near future. But not Joe, oh no Joe was the superhero standing calm among the madness. Joe kept his poise and stayed calm in the pocket. In this drive he led his panicking team 92 yards then a touchdown with 34 seconds left. This would be one of the spectacular 31 fourth-quarter comebacks Joe would perform in his career.
Who could forget the 1979 Cotton Bowl between Notre Dame and The University of Houston? Despite being ill with hypothermia and having to have warming fluids injected into him he performed another one of his fabulous comebacks. The Fighting Irish were faced with a 34-12 deficit. He led his team to a 35-34 victory and this game was nicknamed The “Chicken Soup Game” because Joe had to drink bowls of chicken soup to warm him.
Joe Clifford Montana was born in New Eagle, Pennsylvania on June 11, 1956 to Joseph and Theresa Montana. Growing up Joe Montana had his coaches of his little-league team, teachers and parents as his mentors. Growing up, John was very charismatic and inspirational. He was also a great obtainer of his goals. Joe went to University of Notre Dame and played football for the Fighting Irish. Joe made a huge difference on the world of sports. He did not just run his mouth or get into trouble with steroids or drugs. He is just an amazing, hardworking, fabulous football player.
After winning an amazing three Super Bowls, Joe has slowed down and has four children, Alexandra, Nathaniel, Elizabeth, and Nicholas. He still helps the world of football by hosting football camps across the U.S. He is still and will always be Joe “Cool” Montana.


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